ARC has the ambition to make sustainability an integrated part of our business. We are constantly working to minimise our carbon footprint, increase contribution to society and build a healthy workplace.


Four questions about sustainability

We talked to Frida Lundh, ARC’s Head of People and Culture, about the group’s main challenges and focus when it comes to sustainability.

How does ARC work with sustainability?

We work according to the triple bottom line model People, Planet, Profit. This means that as a company, we are committed to taking financial, social and environmental responsibility. A concrete example is our work toward reaching a critical mass of female representation of at least 30% on all seniority levels by 2023 at the latest.

Two other examples of how we support society and take social responsibility are helping hospitals in the Stockholm and Gotland region get an overview of available ICU spots during the beginning of the pandemic, and our involvement in the initiative Restart the Future. The latter is a project aiming to support entrepreneurs of different backgrounds and to support the creation of 1000 new companies by the end of 2022.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have climate compensated not only for all our air travel – but for the entire carbon footprint that our group creates.

Other things that we have implemented (which goes without saying), are our “veggie first policy” and recycling everything we can.

What is ARCs main challenge when it comes to sustainability?

I think our greatest challenge is also our greatest opportunity! We can take a unique position in the market and secure the future of our business by combining our digital expertise with digitally niche expertise in sustainability.

A first and very important step is the internal courses that we offer through our program “ARCademy”. Next week, we are launching new courses on the theme of sustainability.

What is ARC's main focus when it comes to sustainability?

To integrate sustainability into our core business, continue to follow up and compensate for our climate impact and achieve our goal of a female critical mass at all levels.


How do we ensure that all companies in the group follow our sustainability guidelines?

Interest is increasing constantly and we now have a sustainability group in which all companies within ARC have at least one representative. We also have a close dialogue with Altor as well as the founders and Managing Directors.

Soon we’re sending out a survey in which we’re telling our employees more about our sustainability work and where we are asking for their input and feedback.